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Non-Immigrant Work Visa Lawyer in Plainfield, New Jersey - Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLCPursuing employment in the U.S. is an exciting opportunity. Our firm is focused on coming alongside individuals to supply comprehensive and professional services related to Visa applications and other immigration concerns.

With nearly two decades in the practice of immigration and visa law, attorneys at The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLC provide a resource you can rely on as you look toward the future and its compelling possibilities.

Who Is Eligible For An L-1 Nonimmigrant Work Visa?

L-1 Nonimmigrant work Visas are specifically designed for individuals who are already employed by a company or business that functions in the U.S. Because of this, L-1 Nonimmigrant work Visas are also occasionally referred to as “Intracompany Transferee Visas”.

L-1 Visas permit workers to perform in any role which requires specialization. These specializations may include a managerial or supervisory position, a role in which the employee will be a special counsel, and more.

It is important to note that, to qualify for the L-1 visa, an employee must have been employed by their sponsor business or company for at least one consecutive year within the past three years.

If you are curious about whether you may be eligible for an L-1 Visa in the U.S., you might consider contacting an L-1 Visa immigration lawyer at our firm. One of our attorneys can suggest what options may be available to you as you move forward.

Who Can Petition For An L-1 Visa In The U.S.?

Petitioners for an L-1 Visa must be the current or prospective employer of an L-1 Visa beneficiary. In addition, the petitioner will have a branch, subsidiary, parent company, etc., in the U.S.

There is no requirement that dictates the type of employer that can sponsor an L-1 Visa. This means that L-1 sponsors can be small businesses, corporations, religious organizations, government organizations, etc., and that the employer does not need to be based in the U.S.

While these Visas can provide excellent opportunities for businesses, organizations, and employees to work together in the U.S., they can be complicated to understand and apply for. It is always advisable to speak with an L-1 Visa attorney who can provide insight on the specifics of a particular case and ensure that the process is being followed properly.

Who Is Eligible For A H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa?

H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visas are for individuals who work in an occupation that requires specialized skills. This can include doctors, professors, lawyers, fashion models, and more.

H1B Visa Law requires beneficiaries to possess at least one of a wide variety of requirements. This makes these Visas attractive and available to a range of professionals with varying levels of education.

The four main requirements provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are listed in the criteria below:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) relevant to the field you will work in.
  • A degree from an accredited foreign institution that is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher)
  • A license or certification from the U.S. state in which you will be working.
  • Experience, training, or education in the field in which you will be working, along with a demonstrable history of responsibility in the profession.

There is a fifth provision under H-1B3 Visa law that permits fashion models to be considered for visa approval with the singular criteria of their credibility and merit.

While H-1B Visas do accommodate a broader range of professionals than L-1 Visas, the application process can be more arduous. This is due to the higher level of documentation required for (and scrutiny applied to) each application.

Contacting an H-1B Visa lawyer is the best way to ensure that your application has all the necessary documentation included to receive a fair response.

How Will The New H-1B Lottery Legislation Affect My Application?

The laws around H1-B Visas are changing all the time. This confusing and ever-evolving legislation can make it challenging to understand your rights and obligations throughout the application process. Because the situation continues to develop with ongoing political discourse and H-1B visa lawsuits, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to questions regarding the changes in the law.

If you are curious about U.S. nonimmigrant visa law and the most current implications of the legal process to your visa application, speaking to an H-1B visa lawyer is the next best step. An H1-B visa law firm is the ultimate resource for up-to-date information and expert counsel.

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Our firm is proud to provide comprehensive legal services and representation for immigration matters. If you are looking to speak with an expert non-immigrant visa lawyer, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Plainfield, New Jersey, and schedule a complimentary initial consultation today!

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