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Asylum Or Withholding Of Removal In Plainfield, NJ - Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLCThe Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness have the resources required to find you the best available course of action.

Dealing with immigration issues is among the most unnerving and uncertain set of circumstances to encounter. What’s more, in cases where you are unsafe returning to your country of origin, matters get even more complicated. You deserve protection from potentially hostile living conditions, and the United States immigration system has procedures in place to do just that.

Every year, tens of thousands of individuals apply for asylum so that they can live in the United States permanently and proceed on the path to citizenship. However, for those who are ineligible for asylum but still fear persecution, there is alternative protection available: withholding of removal. With the assistance of qualified legal help, you can determine which option is available to you, and how to proceed with confidence and understanding.

With over 15 years of experience representing clients with immigration concerns, The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness has cultivated a thorough understanding of what it takes to find sustainable legal solutions for our clients. As a client-centered firm, The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness are dedicated to fostering productive relationships with the individuals we work with so that we can tackle their legal challenges head-on. If you feel threatened to return to your country of origin, our firm is prepared to provide you with the resources necessary to keep you safe and comfortable.

Asylum VS Withholding Of Removal

Which Option Best Suits Your Set Of Circumstances?

At The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, we explore your options with you so that we can make educated decisions together. Our legal representatives are deeply familiar with asylum and withholding of removal law, giving us the knowledge and experience necessary to help you construct a proactive plan of protection.


Asylum is granted to foreign nationals who are already in the US and to those arriving at the border who are considered refugees. A refugee is regarded as an individual who is unwilling or unable to return to their home country and cannot acquire protection due to fear of persecution. This persecution is on account of the person’s “race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion”.

The US government is obligated to provide safety for those that qualify as refugees, and they can either be in the US or abroad as a “resettled refugee”.

If you are granted asylum, you are eligible to apply for authorization to work in the US, you may petition to have family members join you, and you can apply for a social security card. Find out how you can obtain asylum by speaking with an asylum lawyer about your state of affairs today.

Withholding of Removal

Those who are not eligible for asylum but still face persecution from their country of origin have the option to apply for withholding of removal benefits. A person is not eligible for asylum if:

  • They have been previously deported, and then reentered the United States.
  • They did not apply for asylum within one year of arriving in the United States.

An individual that acquires a withholding of removal is still protected from returning to their home country and can work in the US legally. However, withholding of removal is much less certain than asylum because the US can still deport the person if their country accepts them, or if conditions improve.

With the assistance of a withholding of removal attorney, you can find the best course of action so that you can move forward toward a safer future.

Initial Procedures For Asylum And Withholding Of Removal

One of the most important first steps for obtaining this type of immigration protection is completing the i-589 application for asylum and withholding of removal. Along with this, you must attend the necessary court hearings and meet with your lawyer regularly to discuss your ongoing situation.

Our Firm Is Here To Help

Your safety matters to us. To get started with your path towards asylum or withholding of removal, please contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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