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Temporary Religious Worker Visa in Plainfield New Jersey - Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLC

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R-1 Nonimmigrant Religious Workers Visas allow approved applicants to work as ministers or in other roles with religious organizations in the United States on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are seeking a religious worker’s visa in New Jersey, our firm would be happy to speak with you about any of your questions or concerns.

As experts in temporary religious worker Visa law, The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness has helped countless petitioners and beneficiaries obtain Visas for legal employment in the United States.

Who Can Petition for An R-1 Visa For Religious Workers?

Established or prospective U.S. employers are able to petition for a nonimmigrant worker seeking to enter the U.S. to work in religious vocations and capacities. For the nonimmigrant beneficiary to qualify, they need to be a member of a “bona fide” religious organization and demonstrate their involvement and membership in that organization for the past two consecutive years or more.

Unfortunately, a noncitizen cannot legally petition for an R-1 Visa in the U.S. on their own. There must be a qualified American employer to petition on the behalf of an individual. This is done by filing a Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker (Form I-219).

What Can I Do If The Requirements For R-1 Visa Limit My Ability To Practice My Religion Or Do My Job?

R-1 Visas come with specific requirements that dictate what the Visa can be used for and what a person is allowed to do while visiting the country. Unfortunately, these requirements can sometimes impede a person’s or organization’s ability to exercise their religion. If that is the case in your situation, you may have alternate legal options available.

Temporary Religious Worker Visa law in the USA provides petitioners of R-1 Religious Visas a way to apply for exemptions via the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA). To find out more about this exemption, you can visit this website for more information, and you should consider speaking to an R-1 Visa Lawyer.

To be approved for this exemption, you must provide a written statement with your initial R-1 Visa filing which requests the exemption and explains how the R-1 Visa requirements significantly affect your ability to practice your religion.

There are two situations in which an exemption may be granted:

  • First, an exemption may be granted if a requirement for an R-1 Visa calls for an individual to participate in activities or perform acts that are contrary to their religious practices.
  • Second, an exemption may be granted if an R-1 visa requirement prevents an individual from participating in activities or performing acts that are essential to their religious practices.

It is important to know that requests for R-1 requirement exemptions are handled by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) individually. This means that each case is unique and will be given its own decision based on the facts and circumstances provided.

It is up to the petitioner to provide documents demonstrating the need and qualification for these RFRA exemptions. These documents and the written petition will provide the basis for the USCIS to make a determination on the case. Because of this, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have all necessary documents and information included in your filing.

If you are looking to request an exemption from any of the requirements of an R-1 Visa on the basis of your religious rights and practices, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable immigration attorney as soon as possible.

The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLC

Patrick C. McGuinness has been a top temporary religious worker visa lawyer in New Jersey for over 15 years. After starting this practice, it has continued to grow with the addition of attorneys and other members who form a legal team that focuses on providing premier immigration services to the greater New Jersey area.

If you are interested in seeking the counsel or representation of a trusted immigration firm, The Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLC is here to help. We are proud to provide expert legal services and years of experience in any immigration matter. What’s more, we have been coming alongside individuals seeking R-1 Temporary Religious Worker Visas for nearly two decades.

Speaking with an attorney is the best way to ensure that you receive a fair and accurate response from the USCIS regarding your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Plainfield, NJ, for an initial consultation about your case today!

Law Offices of Patrick C. McGuinness, LLC

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